Internet Explorer Use on Windows 7 Continues to Grow at the Expense of Firefox

Maximum PC Staff

The Microsoft PR team in charge of Internet Explorer has a difficult job on its hands. Finding the upside of declining market share isn’t exactly the easiest job in the world you know.  As a result of the overall trend working against IE, the message this year has been mostly focused around browser share in Windows 7. When you limit the dataset to this one narrow focus, Microsoft appears to be making at least some progress at bouncing back , though mostly at the expense of Mozilla.

The raw data shows a year end market share bump for Internet Explorer 9 to 25.6 percent globally, and over 30 percent in the United States. This might not sound like much, but it’s also coming quite close to overtaking IE 8, which when you combine the two adds up to a pretty impressive share of the Windows 7 market.

The bigger story here isn’t just that Internet Explorer 9 market share is growing, that’s to be expected. No, the big news here is that Firefox use is plummeting fast on the second most popular version of Windows in the world. Microsoft’s unwillingness to port IE9 to Windows XP is no doubt working in Mozilla’s favor for the time being, but as Windows XP fades away Firefox is going to need a plan to attract Chrome and IE users alike in the years to come.

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