Internet Explorer Gains Market Share for Third Consecutive Month

Paul Lilly

For the third straight month, Microsoft's Internet Explorer trended upwards in browser market share, doing so largely at the expense of Mozilla's popular Firefox browser, according to Net Applications.

Internet Explorer gained 0.42 percent in July, and now commands 60.74 percent of the browser market. Firefox, however, was the biggest loser of the bunch, dropping 0.9 percent, while Google's Chrome browser slid slightly by 0.08 percent. As for the rest of the major players, both Safari and Opera gained a bit of ground to the tune of 0.24 percent and 0.18 percent, respectively.

That makes IE the biggest, having gained more ground than any other browser. More importantly (for Microsoft), this three month win streak shows that IE isn't going down with a fight, and might not be going down at all. Prior to this recent upswing, it looked as though IE was on its way to forfeiting its position as the world's most used browser.

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