Internet Explorer Coming to Xbox 360, Will Leverage Kinect, SmartGlass

Pulkit Chandna

Kinect’s launch in late 2010 was accompanied by a lot of fanfare and excitement, all of which seemed justified initially as the motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral quickly became a huge sales success. Then millions of Kinect owners began waiting en masse for some top-drawer titles to come along and proverbially slap Kinect’s critics smack in the face. Sadly, those AAA Kinect titles, especially the much sought-after “hardcore” ones, never really arrived. But if you haven’t given up on your Kinect and are looking for fresh excuses to use it, Microsoft has just the thing for you: Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 with Kinect-enabled voice and gesture controls.

“Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox 360 this year,” Xbox Live boss Marc Whitten announced at Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference today. According to Whitten, who took the E3 stage to demo the browser, web browsing on TVs hasn’t quite caught on “because the controller and remote are not great input devices for the Web, and because keyboards don’t belong in the living room.” But he thinks all that will soon change with the arrival of Internet Explorer for Xbox, which will let users surf the web using Kinect-enabled voice and gesture controls. That’s not all, though. The browser will also tap into the just announced Xbox SmartGlass technology to deliver a unique browsing experience.

From the press release : Microsoft will launch Internet Explorer for Xbox this fall in all countries where Xbox and Xbox LIVE are available. Through the power of Xbox, the magic of Kinect and the intelligence of Xbox SmartGlass, you will be able to surf the Internet using your voice on your Xbox 360 and navigate using your mobile devices for an incredibly easy Web browsing experience on the television. Whether it is a new website you want to check out on the big screen, an HD video you want to share in your living room, or your favorite website you check daily and want to view in the 10-foot experience, you will have the power of the Web now on your TV.

Image Credit: Kotaku

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