Internet Explorer 9 Goes Gold, Will You be Downloading It?

Paul Lilly

We know, we know, the Internet police will have to pry Chrome/Firefox (Opera/Safari?) from your cold, dead hands. But for what it's worth, the final version of Internet Explorer 9 just dropped from Redmond and is ready for download. If you're already sitting pretty with the Release Candidate, you may be able to upgrade without having to reboot your system (we've had mixed results), you know, just like the other browsers allow. Otherwise, a reboot will be in order. Is it worth it?

We're currently putting all the modern browsers through their paces for an upcoming roundup in a future issue of Maximum PC, but in the meantime, we can share some of what's new with IE9. Microsoft rebuilt both the layout and JavaScript engines with an emphasis on speed, and as is becoming the hip thing to do these days, GPU acceleration is included too.

"The best experience of the Web is on Windows with Internet Explorer 9," said Dean Hachamovitch , corporate vice president, Windows Internet Explorer, at Microsoft. "Today, the Web can unlock the power and performance of the best PC hardware through Windows and Internet Explorer 9. Websites also can act more like applications within Windows 7, with features such as Pinned Sites. In less than a year, Internet Explorer 9 went from early preview to final release with the help of hardware partners and the Web community."

If you've been turned off by previous versions of IE because of a clunky interface and bloated performance, it's worth giving IE9 a look. Microsoft trimmed much of the fat that clogged up IE8, and in our limited testing so far, it's noticeably faster than before.

You can download IE9 here .

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