Internet Explorer 9 Developer Preview Now Available

Paul Lilly

The big news in browser development today is that Microsoft made a series of announcements surrounding its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 at MIX10. Chief among them is that the IE9 Platform Preview is now available for public consumption, but that's really just the tip of the iceberg.

Microsoft also announced that IE9 includes expanded support for HTML5, hardware-accelerated graphics and text, and a brand new JavaScript engine build from the ground up.

"Internet Explorer 9 enabling GPU-accelerated HTML5 is a milestone for visual computing," said Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce and ION GPU business unit at Nvidia. "By harnessing the power of Nvidia GPUs, Internet Explorer 9 removes the glass ceiling for Web developers, enabling them to build graphically rich, high-performing Web applications."

Keeping in mind that this is a Preview release, you'll notice that IE9 doesn't come with a fleshed out user interface. The Preview is basically designed to show off the JavaScript engine -- codenamed "Chakra" -- and GPU acceleration. Look for a lot more preview builds before the browser goes beta.

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