Internet Explorer 10 Now Available for Windows 7

Paul Lilly

Internet Explorer 10 delivers a 20 percent increase in real-world site performance versus IE9, Microsoft says.

Microsoft may have taken its sweet time porting Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) over to Windows 7, but it's finally finished and ready for mass consumption. IE10 is available to download worldwide in 95 languages, with Microsoft planning to auto-update Windows 7 customers to its latest browser in the coming weeks, starting today with customers running the IE10 Release Preview.

Citing third-party reports, Microsoft claims IE10 offers a 20 percent real-world increase in site performance compared to IE9. It also boasts a 60 percent increase in supported modern web standards, Microsoft says .

"With IE10 we continue delivering the best performance for real world Web sites on your Windows device. As with Windows 8, IE10 on Windows 7 improves performance across the board with faster page loading, faster interactivity, and faster JavaScript performance, while reducing CPU usage and improving battery life on mobile PCs," Microsoft states in a blog post . "In measurements in our performance lab, IE loads real world pages up to 20% faster in top sites for news, social, search, ecommerce, and more."

Internet Explorer 10 launched six months ago and is the default browser in Windows 8, but up until today, the final version was not available for Windows 7. If you don't want to wait for the automatic update, you can manually download/install IE10 .

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