Internal Microsoft Sales Video Stars the "Gmail Man"

Ryan Whitwam

We didn’t get a lot of news out of the annual Microsoft Global Exchange sales meeting last week, but it appears one sneaky attendee has leaked an interesting sales video. Redmond is prepping their representatives to sell Office 365 over Google Apps, and the “ Gmail Man ” video is one tool being used to rally the troops. Microsoft isn’t willing to own up to the video, but most pundits believe it is real.

The video opens on the Gmail Man strolling down the street reading every one's mail. When asked just what he thinks he’s doing, he explains that he’s got to know what people are talking about to serve ads. Lame, right? The Gmail Man goes on to make inappropriate (and inaccurate) comments to everyone he sees.

The punchline of the nearly three-minute video is that, “Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs.” Of course, this video is rife with hyperbole and half-truths, but it is a little funny. The advertising issue doesn't feel terribly significant to us, though. Hopefully Microsoft equipped the reps with more ammunition than this.

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