Internal Hard Drive: Hitachi Wins Race to 4TB, Available in Japan

Paul Lilly

Now is a pretty bad time to be shopping for a mechanical hard drive. Prices are generally higher than what they were a couple of months ago, sometimes significantly so, due to the flooding in Thailand. But it's a temporary problem and eventually the storage sector will settle down. So, onward with innovation, and kudos to Hitachi for coming out with a 4TB internal HDD as part of its Deskstar line.

The first 4TB internal HDD was spotted over in Japan selling for 26,800 yen (about $345), according to Akiba PC Watch , a division of Japan's Impress Watch. Hitach's 4TB hard drive (0S03361) sports a SATA 6Gbps interface and 32MB of cache. It also boasts Hitach's CoolSpin technology, which is designed to balance power and performance, resulting in a cooler running and quieter storage device appropriate for set-top boxes and DVRs.

What's interesting here is that Hitachi has yet to formally announce its 4TB drive and take advantage of the bragging rights that come with it. That's unusual, though we expect an official press release is forthcoming, along with information on when it will and on U.S. shores and for how much.

Image Credit: Hitachi

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