Intel'sThunderbolt to Strike PCs in April, Says Report

Pulkit Chandna

With Ivy Bridge chipsets receiving USB 3.0 certification recently, Intel is now all set to support the technology natively with its next-generation processor platform. But it isn’t the only data transfer technology that Intel plans to support. According to a new report, Intel’s Thunderbolt technology will strike the PC market in April 2012.

The chipmaker is said to have notified its partners across the PC industry about its intention to fully roll out the Thunderbolt I/O technology next year; it’s currently restricted to a few Apple products. As per Digitimes’ sources, a number of A-list PC vendors are already on board and getting ready to launch Thunderbolt-compatible motherboards, laptops and desktops.

Further, the sources expect the cost of adopting Thunderbolt to come down considerably in 2012, paving the way for its standardization. At the moment, a Thunderbolt chip costs in excess of $20. Despite Digitimes’ reputation of being a rumormonger, this report does not seem farfetched, as Intel is already on record as saying that it sees both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt as being "complementary" and wants developers to support both.

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