Intel's Valentine's Day Gift: Non-Defective 6-Series Chipset

Paul Lilly

News and rumor site Fudzilla is reporting that Intel will begin shipping the B3 stepping for its 6-series chipset part by Monday, February 14th. For those of you who live in a cave under a rock on another planet, the original 6-series chipset contained a "design flaw" that affected several SATA ports. Only SATA ports 0/1 were unaffected, as well as those that might have been provided by a third-party (like Marvell, for instance). The B3 stepping is supposed to address this.

If Fudzilla's time frame is accurate, this doesn't mean you'll be able to go out and buy a problem-free Sandy Bridge board come Monday. OEMs will likely get their hands on the new parts first, many of which have been stuck in limbo since all this came to light. Intel did say it would continue to ship first-generation 6-series chipsets to PC makers who promised to configure their systems in such a way that the design flaw would never manifest itself (i.e., use only SATA ports 0/1), but this was less than ideal.

As for the general public, it could still be awhile before you can buy a B3 Sandy Bridge motherboard.

"We had a nice chat with a couple of people and in most cases it takes one week to get it to manufacturers, two weeks in order for them to put it on their motherboards, and around six weeks for the final product to reach its destination," Fudzilla said in regards to the B3 revision chip.

In other words, it still doesn't look like this will get fully sorted out before April.

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