Intel's Struts Sandy Bridge-E Liquid Cooler at IDF

Paul Lilly

It's been rumored that Intel plans to ship its upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors without a cooler, leaving it up to enthusiasts to choose their own cooling solution, including ones designed by Intel. Serving as evidence that this will probably be the case, the chip maker is showing off its "Intel Thermal Solution RTS2011LC" cooler it designed in collaboration with Asetek.

Legit Reviews snapped a whole bunch of pics of the Intel-branded RTS2011LC. The retail box indicates it's compatible with LGA2011/1136/1155/1156 sockets, and according to LR, the design is final and production is underway.

Asetek built the all-in-one liquid cooler, whose stamp appears on the water block and pump. That's a name that will be familiar to most enthusiasts, as Astek is the design team behind many rebranded liquid coolers, including ones from Corsair. In fact, LR says the design bears a striking resemblance to Corsair's Hydro H70 cooler, however Intel says the RTS2011LC uses a different radiator, water pump, and custom 120mm cooling fan. According to Intel, the RTS2011LC outperforms Corsair's H70, even though Intel's version sports a single fan and Corsair's cooler comes with two.

Speaking of the fan, there are seven blades and plenty of blue LEDs that can't be turned off, so that's something to keep in mind if you're a 24/7 kind of user and plan on plopping this in your bedroom. As for cooling, Intel rates the cooler as appropriate for processors up to 130W TDP.

Image Credit: Legit Reviews

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