Intel's Pine Trail-M Atom Processor is Smaller, Cheap to Produce


Intel recently announced it was fast tracking the release of its Pine Trail platform , which we expect to see sooner rather than later in 2010. We now have a little more info to share on this Atom platform replacement.

According to Fudzilla, Pine Trail will be significantly smaller when compared to Intel's current netbook platform, largely the result of moving from a three-chip design containing the CPU, Northbridge, and Southbridge, to a two-chip part with just the CPU and Southbridge. The end result is a 64-percent smaller package footprint.

Pine Trail will be designed on a four layer PCB, Fudzilla says, which will cut back on manufacturing costs. However, this doesn't mean that netbooks will become any cheaper in 2010, though you can probably expect vendors to squeeze in more features.

Finally, the Pine Trail platform will consume less power, about 20 percent less than Intel's Atom platform, which will pave the way for even longer battery life.

Image Credit: Intel via Arstechnica

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