Intel's Next Generation Atom Processors Detailed

Paul Lilly

Taking on Intel in the microprocessor space is a monumental task, a point that's underscored by IHS iSuppli's latest market share data . But if there's on area in which Intel can ill afford to blink, it's in mobile. Tablets are taking over, netbooks aren't as sexy as they once were, and ARM is in position to dominate the field. Can Intel's Atom processor line turn things around?

That's entirely up to Intel. Atom, after all, is just a brand, one in which it was rumored Intel would drop. Intel shrugged off the rumors as crazy talk and said it would stick with the Atom brand, and we now have a few details to share regarding the chip maker's upcoming 32nm Cedarview-M mobile Atom parts.

According to news and rumor site Fudzilla , Intel's soon-to-be-released N2600 and N2800 processors will blow the current N455 and N475 46nm Pineview-M chips out of the water. The N2600 is a dual-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz and containing 1MB of L2 cache. It will support DDR3-800 memory and sport Intel IGP 3600 graphics clocked at 400MHz. The N455, meanwhile, is a single-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz and with 512KB of L2 cache. Also worth noting is that the N2600 has a 3.5W TDP, compared to the N455's 6.5W TDP.

The N2800 is also a dual-core part, this one clocked at 1.86GHz. It too has 1MB of L2 cache but supports DDR3-1066 memory. Its IGP 3650 graphics is clocked at 640MHz. For the sake of comparison, the N475  is clocked at 1.83GHz with half the cache. Both processors feature a 6.5W TDP.

No word on exactly when these will be released, however Fudzilla says the N2600 will sell to retailers for $42 in 1,000-unit trays and the N2800 for $47.

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