Intel's New U.S. Fab to Specialize in 450mm Wafers

Paul Lilly

According to an report , Intel put to rest all the recent speculation surrounding its new U.S. fab and confirmed it's being constructed to handle 450mm wafers.

As part of a $6 billion to $8 billion investment, Intel is upgrading several U.S. facilities for 22nm production, as well as building the aforementioned fab in Hillsboro, Oregon. This will be known as D1X and it will go live in 2013.

"Intel is very interested in 450mm," said Mark Borh, Intel Senior Fellow and director of process architecture and integration at Intel. "D1X is being (constructed) to be compatible with 450mm."

The upshot to increasing wafer size like this is that Intel can squeeze more chips out of a single wafer and potentially reduce manufacturing costs.

300mm wafer shown

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