Intel's Latest Six-Core Gulftown Chip Still Breaks the Bank

Paul Lilly

Let's start off with the good news. Intel's newest six-core chip, the Core i7 970, has started showing up in retail, giving DIY system builders a lower priced option to choose from if sticking with Intel. Ready for the bad news? The price isn't all that much lower.

Newegg is selling the Core i7 970 for $900, just $100 less than the Core i7 980X Extreme Edition. That isn't much of a savings, but then again, you're not giving up a whole lot in terms of specs, either. The new 970 comes clocked at 3.2GHz compared to 3.33GHz on the 980X, and it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier. Otherwise, both chips sport 12MB of L3 cache, a 32nm manufacturing process, 6.4GT/s QPI, a 130W TDP, and of course six processor cores.

Will the hundred dollar price break matter? We have our doubts, and Intel could have made the 970 a more compelling option by pricing it at $750 or $800. As it stands, the decision to roll six-core comes down to paying a hefty premium for unrivaled performance (Intel), or saving a bundle for a less potent architecture (AMD).

Anyone feel compelled by the Core i7 970's price point?

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