Intel's Desktop Processor Roadmap Through First Half of 2014 Leaked Online

Paul Lilly

Ivy Bridge-E is right around the corner.

Processor roadmaps must be slippery little suckers because it never seems like AMD or Intel are very good about holding onto them. Instead, we're frequently treated to early, often unauthorized glimpses of what each semiconductor has in store, and this time it's a look at what Intel is planning. The latest leaked roadmap shows Intel's processor plans through the first half of 2014.

The slides first showed up at , a site that appears to thrive on leaked information. According to CPU World , a site that's been reliable in the past, the slides are legit, at least according to one of its sources that confirmed their validity. Anyway, enough about that, let's talk about what's on tap from Intel.

Those of you holding out for Ivy Bridge-E need only wait until the third quarter of this year. That's when Intel will launch its Core i7 4820K, 4930K, and 4960X processors, all based on Ivy Bridge-E. In addition, Ivy Bridge-E support will be added to the X79 chipset, according to the slides.

An expanded Haswell lineup is also slated for Q3. There will be a Core i7 4771 part along with a bunch of Core i3 and Pentium chips. A Haswell refresh is then planned for the second quarter of 2014, though the slides don't go into much detail on that front.

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