Intel's CTO Writes an Open Letter to Incoming Obama Administration CTO

Paul Lilly

We'd accuse Intel of trying to smoodge its way to the top, except that the No. 1 chip maker is already there and doesn't appear poised to relinquish its position. But Intel CTO Justin R. Rattner has reached out to the incoming Obama administration's newly created CTO with an open letter asking that technology in education, environment, heatlhcare, and internet broadband be prioritized.

If you attended CES this year, you may have been among the thousands who participated in a related survey, in which Intel asked respondents what they felt should be the top priorities for the first ever U.S. CTO. The survey results played a role Rattner's letter, in which he asks the new CTO to double NSF and DOE research budgets, enact a multi-year extension of the R&D tax credit, establish a national policy around green technology, give incentives for ISPs to deploy affordable broadband nationwide, create a new healthcare network system that would connect doctors, hospitals, labs, and patients by 2012, and more.

Read the full letter here (PDF), along with Rattner's blog entry on the subject here . Original survey can be found here (PDF).

Image Credit: Intel

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