Maximum PC Staff Jun 23, 2008

IntelliScanner Mini

At A Glance


A small, handy device for those who really need to stay organized.


Far too expensive for what it offers.

It’s estimated that two percent of the population suffers from OCD; IntelliScanner’s business model seems predicated on being able to capture but a small fraction of this fraction of the populace, for only the most compulsive of collectors—like me—will find a use for this product. However, if you are an obsessive collector of media—and you have a reasonable amount of disposable income—the IntelliScanner Mini might very well become a lifelong companion.

The IntelliScanner Mini set includes a small barcode scanner, a database program, and a set of 10 barcode stickers. While you can scan just about anything that has a barcode, in reality the device is best suited for keeping track of your media. After you scan items and then upload this data, the IntelliScanner’s software matches the codes with the appropriate products and creates a database. The software also uploads box art images, release information, and reviews. In our tests, the software had occasional problems finding a match, but it’s easy enough to add pertinent data by hand as needed.

For items that lack barcodes, the IntelliScanner Mini includes a pack of 10 you can affix to your belongings. However, if you collect older media (first-edition hardbacks and vinyl, in particular), it’s unlikely you’ll want to stick a barcode to your collectibles and diminish their value. Thus, the Mini’s market becomes even narrower, to those collecting new media.

An additional use is to scan your valuables in order to keep a database of items in case of fire or theft. But we can think of less costly means of tracking our items, but if you are the lazy sort who wants some peace of mind, perhaps this is the product for you. While we don’t typically blanch at a $300 price tag and would easily shell out more for any number of components for our rigs, that kind of scratch for a gadget is a bit steep


IntelliScanner Mini

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