Intel Thinks GTA V Will Land on PC Soon



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Ive already forgotten about GTA and am looking more forward to watch dogs.



I think January has got to be the month of the launch for the PC... It better be.



Dear EVERYONE, The PS4 and Xbox One have been designed along the same x86 PC architecture that out coumputers are using. I want everyone to stop arguing and waiting for it to come out! Rockstar is looking to make it as seamless a transition between the three next-gen platforms. They want to have a unified version of GTA V that can be used on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, maybe even for the online purpose of GTA Online.



GTA 5 is one game that I would love to have a Steam Controller for. There are a lot of instances where the game requires very precise control and a console stick just doesn't have the resolution.



GTA 5 almost made me breakdown and buy a console. ALMOST. I keep hearing November 22 for the release, so I will wait until then.



Does the quote in the second to last paragraph contradict the headline of the story?

First we have this:
"At least with Grand Theft Auto, I don't think it'll be console exclusive very long."

Then we have this:
"Somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that [GTA V] was exclusive [to consoles]."

Exclusive as in 'forever,' or exclusive as in 'for a few months'? I hate to discuss the meaning of a word, but exclusive means restricted.

Perhaps the interview was full of circular talk, contradictory statements and supposition.

Either way, bring on GTAV for the PC. With the Steam Controller I may even try the full game that way. GTA has been one of those rare games that I use the mouse and keyboard for all the shooting and running and the XBox 360 controller for all the driving, flying, boating and other mayhem.

I'm still sore from when Jimmy slapped me with a reality fish and told me it wouldn't happen before Christmas. This gives the PC gaming community a bit more hope perhaps.



He means somebody (company) paid to have GTA V exlusive to consoles at launch. For how long, we don't know (nor do we know if it's even true). Kind of like how AT&T had an exclusive grip on the iPhone for a time.

I don't know if that's really the case, just because Rockstar Games has done the same thing with the last few GTA release (consoles first, PC several months later).



Yeah, Rockstar Games has a pretty well established pattern of development/release behavior now. So the futurist prediction isn't hard to project. Gamers are holding out hope it won't be another 7-month (roughly) delay between console and PC release.

Insider information is welcome. Thanks for the reply Paul.



Now I haven't played 5, but maybe they're afraid PC gamers will have to mod their game to fix terrible controls and gameplay elements like they did for 4?

I actually tried to go back and beat 4 before buying 5, then I realized why I abandoned the game when the car I was driving rolled completely over making a 25 mph left turn on a slope, and my character walked like he was suspended in molasses.