Intel Roundup: Core i7 4771 Processor, Cheaper 2-in-1 Ultrabooks in the Works



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Insula Gilliganis

I am a lot more interested in that "mysterious" probable 6-core i7-3910K "Sandy Bridge-E" than a 4771K. The 3910K probably won't be all that much more expensive than a 4771K but have two extra cores, lower clock speed but unlocked, quad-channel memory, with more usable PCIe lanes, although on an older platform. But having a 1150 board really doesn't have much of a long future once DDR4 is released late next year or early 2015. Many will want to upgrade at that time anyway so might as well keep your cash until them and keep using your socket 2011 board.



Presumably, you meant "4771" and not "4117" at the end of the second paragraph?



Thanks for catching that :)


John Pombrio

Sounds like Intel is just cherry-picking chips to get the i7-4771 from the 4770. Is this also an unlocked K chip?



Doubt there's any cherry picking required. It was already stupid to have the 4770 at 3.4 GHz just to get people wanting the 4770k more. the 100 MHz bump looks more like a cosmetic improvement to make it more marketable.



Meh, AMD is doing the same thing (FX 9000)
Oh wait, at least AMD isn't trying to fuck with peoples motherboards like Wintel is with the B85 and H87 non Z oc bug