Intel Missed the Boat on Mobile, Sees 29 Percent Profit Drop



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Get rid of the atom brand. It just brings back memories of those god awful underpowered piece of crap netbooks.



It doesn't matter (that much) if they missed the boat or not. Nobody is willing to pay the same prices that Intel slaps on a i7 in a phone. Intel can't make any more money than the customer is willing to spend, and the amount of money in mobile CPUs just isn't going to keep getting Intel its traditional profits.

Intel is at least catching up to the boat and getting at least some of the pie. Compare to Microsoft, they build phone systems at fairly high costs (a billion loss on Kin, likely another billion on winphone7, winphone8 isn't looking much better, and pretty soon you are talking real money) and all they get back are a few patent royalties.



Give them a tick and a tock and like clock work they will be pushing things around again.