Intel Gets Cold Feet, Wants to Dump Web TV Business on Verizon



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John Pombrio

FINALLY, a company that figured out that streaming TV was a BAD idea due to the competition. This is why Intel is a great company. If it were SONY or some other clueless company, they would continue to waste money and put out a broken product. Intel was smart enough to know it would not be able to compete and is DROPPING the beast.

In psychology, this fallacy is known as "too much invested". Making poor choices about the future because you already have so much invested into a career or a business decision. You need to ask yourself "What is the right choice for me NOW?", forgetting about how much you have invested in the current path.



I actually think streaming TV is a great idea due to LACK of competition in the cable space.

The first company to offer me a design your own channel package will have my lifetime service. Love how in order to get the one channel I want I have to get 300 others I don't.

Let them charge $50 a month just for ESPN, free market economy in the cable space would make crap channels disappear with a quickness and force providers to offer something worth watching.



^ +1 big time.

With all the mindless entertainment I need to purchase to get Nat Geo (with all the providers I researched at the time)... premium package only.

Although it is really more suited to my habits, I would love if they had a discounted "educational" or "academic" package which only included news, science, and nature channels.



What gets me is like third rung channels like BET, TVLand, TRUTV and Hallmark, are considered MUST HAVES on the digital economy package, but to get channels my kid will watch like Disney JR, I'm looking at the second to top tier.

Why not charge me a monthly fee for basic networks, and then let me buy a "kids package" or "Nature and science package" or "sports package" like they do with HBO.

I think it's because if they did that, ESPN would have to get the reality check that no one wants to watch lumberjack log splitting competition coverage 24/7 on the "ocho" ESPN8.



Can we have a link to the original article so I can go and complain on their website regarding their lazy journalistic practices? Thanks.



YAY verizon will take it over, deliver to everyone 3 blocks away or further from me, then drop it, just like FiOS



Intel was in TV?!

(Thus summing up the problem they have with being in the market at all, no one knows or cares.)

This was destined for failure. There used to be a music/record/CD store named On Cue in the 90's. It failed and closed too.

The name should have been "CusTV" - a shortened version of custom TV - a new word - and thus trademark-able. Pronounced cust-vee in ads. It'll be the hum-vee of media choices.

People want a-la-cart custom TV channels. Netflix is starting to deliver series consumers really like. If the TV giants don't get on board soon they'll become irrelevant.