Intel Generates a $3 Billion Profit in Q3, Makes Wall Street Look Silly



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I believe AMD will eventually become a graphics manufacturer before too long. Intel is just too good and too well funded. The APU is beginning to lose ground to Iris Pro, and it's only a matter of time. You play that game of monopoly where you own a monopoly or two, but the other player has EVERYTHING ELSE? Sure, once in a while, he hits your monopolies, sure you pass go.. but you're too far down.

There's no way out.

Tick Tock, AMD



I really, really hope you are wrong but my gut says otherwise.



Intel has put the Iris Pro out of the cheap, "throwaway" laptop price range with their odd choice of only putting it on the higher-end Haswell. As such, it doesn't compete against the dirt-cheap APUs. It also isn't as available as are the APUs.

I have my doubts about the Iris Pro: the "supercache" is much too small and the best I've heard about its performance is that it is inferior to the base Nvidia 650.


John Pombrio

Cripes, Intel's net income is almost 3 times as much as AMD's revenue. I did not realize had bad it was getting for AMD. At least AMD is not losing as much money as used to, only $74 million in loss this last quarter.

Hot damn, a POSITIVE quarter for the third quarter!



Wow... 3 (with a B) BILLION in profit. That's pretty decent performance I'd say.


The Mac

That not profit, its net income.

Profit has a bunch of different meanings depending on what you are looking for.

22% net margin on sales aint too shabby however.



Ah, good catch. For some reason I had it in my head that I read profit. And you are right... nothing shabby about any of those metrics.