Intel Expected to Launch Ivy Bridge-E Processors During IDF 2013



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I have held off buying Sandy Bridge-E because of lack of PCI Express 3.0 compatibility. The question as to whether Intel would even be releasing Ivy Bridge E is now officially answered. I managed to stumble upon a vender that had the retail box i7-4930K IN STOCK and I just received it via FedEX this afternoon. It is indeed reality and those of us waiting on Ivy Bridge E will finally get to see how well it works.

I am expecting an EVGA X79 DARK motherboard, 32GB of Kingston DDR3 1866 Beast memory, EVGA Signature Water-cooled Titan, and a Samsung 840PRO 256GB SSD to be arriving either today or tomorrow to use with this processor.



I agree they waited too long. AMD is not pressuring Intel so the performance desktop offerings are coming at a snails pace. Come on AMD bring on some premium performance and hit Goliath in the head. With the current pace I can't see any significant reason to upgrade my CPU / motherboard for years to come.



The biggest problem with Ivy Bridge-E is that it's released on an aging platform. For raw compute, sure it kicks ass, but in a lot of system level tasks it fails against a 4770K because the 4770K is on a more modern platform. Even so, I'd rather take a system with native USB 3.0 and PCI-Express 3.0 support, though that's just me.



Too long. Not that I have the money for this, but being a power user is about not compromising. Why do I have to chose between the single threaded performance of Haswell or the multithreaded performance of this part. I can almost understand with the 8 core Xeons, but c'mon Intel...



Skip to Haswell-E and give us the option of DDR4 or DDR3, all Sata rev. 3.0, and 10+ USB 3.1. Oh and 10Gb ethernet would be nice too.



I have been waiting for a 4930 to complete my new build. I hope they are available soon after the announcement.

As the top Haswell E is going to be 8 core instead of 6 waiting is tempting but the best estimate right now for the H-E is 14 months out.



They might as well skip to Haswell-E... this wait has been quite long!