Intel 730 Series SSD 480GB Review



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Josh, can you please update your review of this drive. Intel did not include the cap's in the final product. Apparently, Intel pulled a bait-and-switch and did not include the power loss protection in the final product compared to the engineering sample sent to you and every other hardware review site.

Confirmation by Intel via Phone and Email Follow-up: "We have confirmed the SSD 730 series does not come with the 2 capacitors needed to support the power loss data protection."

I would suggest in the future that if you do hardware reviews using engineering samples, that you compare that to actual retail product.

I'm pretty p1ssed that I bought these because of that and that feature doesn't exist.

Look at the ARK page as well -- it doesn't include Power Loss Protection.

Please buy one off the shelf and compare it to the engineering sample you received from intel and revise your review. People are trusting your review and if they are buying this product over the other based on that, it's deceptive and untrustworthy at the minimum and possibly fraud.

Thank you.



Intel 730 SSD was $490 is now $262.49 on Amazon and Newegg



The skull means high performance.


Led Weappelin

I need to upgrade to a 500Gb. My 256Gb Samsung Pro is already beyond the safe mark with just 17Gb left. Just trying to wait for a price drop.


John Pombrio

I will go to 480 Gb SSD over my current 256 Gb SSDs when over 6Gbps barrier is somehow broken. Right now, the Samsung EVO and PROs with their magic RAM caching are terrific.


The Mac

Magic indeed, that caching algorithm is redonculous.