Intel Wants Ultra-Cheap Pricing for Ultrabooks

Pulkit Chandna

Intel hopes to stop the tablet wave dead in its tracks with its ultrabooks, a new breed of ultra-thin and -light notebooks starting at around $1,000. While most PC vendors are finding it difficult to meet the current price requirement for ultrabooks, Intel wants them to move to an even more competitive pricing model in the future.

According to Navin Shenoy, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group and general manager for Intel Corporation in Asia-Pacific, ultrabook prices will have to be priced further south of $1,000 for Intel to meet its stated goal of conquering 40 percent of the consumer laptop market by the end of 2012.

Earlier this week, Shenoy talked to Reuters about the $699 price point that some analysts are advocating as being key to ensuring the success of ultrabooks. "At some point you'll have to be at that price point, but it doesn't have to be overnight. It takes time to engineer a cost down," Shenoy told Reuters.

But Intel is unlikely to chip in by lowering the price of its processors: "More work needs to happen in the ecosystem. Even if we're giving the chips away for free, we couldn't hit the price point we want to hit if we don't work with the rest of the industry."

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