Intel Wants to Tweak the All-in-One Form Factor for Portability

Paul Lilly

Even all-in-one systems are getting a new look.

Windows 8 is giving birth to all kinds of new designs, especially in mobile, where notebooks and tablets are blending into hybrid devices that can function as either one. But it's not only laptops and slates that are starting to look different. Intel is reportedly pushing PC makers to build adaptive all-in-one systems with internal batteries so that users can tote them from place to place.

News of Intel's desire for a new kind of AIO comes from Digitimes , which itself is hearing about this from sources within the upstream supply chain. By tweaking the design for semi-portability, Intel hopes it can boost AIO PC sales in 2013 to triple the number sold in 2008.

The new adaptive AIO PCs will feature high-end components and large-size panels anywhere from 18.4 inches to 27 inches. It's hard to imagine someone carrying around a 27-inch AIO, though it's not necessarily about taking these things on a train or bus across town, it's also about being able to lay flat to take advantage of table top computing. We suppose the idea is that when you're done with work, you can plop the AIO on the living room table and play games with the kids, or something like that.

Some of these designs already exist, such as Sony's Vaio Tap 20, Dell's XPS 18, and Lenovo's Horizon Tablet PC, Digitimes says.

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