Intel Wants a Piece of the Web-based TV Service Pie

Paul Lilly

We already have Apple TV and Google TV, and if all goes to plan, Intel TV could be next. The Santa Clara chip maker has its eye on the pay TV business and for the past several months has been wooing media companies with a plan to create a virtual cable operator to stream U.S. channels over the Internet as part of a bundle that rivals subscription services by cable and satellite TV providers, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Intel is reportedly working on its own branded set-top box that would carry the TV service and has a channel browsing interface in place and everything. The chip maker's goal is to launch the service by the end of the year, though that won't be easy with the high cost of TV programming. Still, if there's a company that can afford it, it's Intel.

This would mark a huge shift in strategy for Intel, and perhaps this is company CEO Paul Otellini's grand plan for the so-called post PC era that Apple's Tim Cook was so fond in talking about during the new iPad unveiling. According to WSJ, Otellini has been pretty clear about wanting to advance his company beyond computers.

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