Intel Unveils New Atom Processor for Tablets

Paul Lilly

Intel today announced it's now shipping a new processor designed specifically for tablets and hybrid devices, including those from Evolve III, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Motion Computing, Razer, and Viiv. Intel also said it will give a sneak peak of its next-generation Intel Atom platform codenamed "Cedar Trail" at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing tomorrow.

"The new Intel Atom 'Oak Trail' platform, with 'Cedar Trail' to follow, are examples of our continued commitment to bring amazing personal and mobile experiences to netbook and tablet devices, delivering architectural enhancements for longer battery life and greater performance," said Doug Davis , vice president and general manager of the Netbook and Tablet Group at Intel. "We are accelerating the Intel Atom product line to now move faster than Moore's law, bringing new products to market on three process technologies in the next 3 years."

Intel said its new Atom Z670 processor delivers improved video playback, fast Internet browsing, and longer battery life, all without sacrificing performance. Oak Trail includes support for 1080p video decoding, HDMI, and Adobe Flash.

Intel is venturing into territory currently dominated by ARM, and to an extent, Nvidia as well. Intel claims its Z670 is power efficient enough to find a home on a number of platforms, including Android, MeeGo, and Windows in the mobile space.

Image Credit: Intel

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