Intel Unveils High Endurance 710 Series SSD for Data Centers

Paul Lilly

How could Intel let IDF pass by without announcing a new solid state drive? Turns out it couldn't, and while the event wraps up, the Santa Clara chip maker rolled out a replacement SSD series for its existing single-level cell (SLC) X25-E Extreme drive. Taking the X25-E's place is Intel's new 710 SSD, a purpose-built multi-level cell (MLC) drive for data centers.

"The Intel SSD 710 Series gives enterprise data center and embedded users extreme endurance and performance, enabled by Intel's High Endurance Technology based on Intel 25nm MLC NAND technology," said Rob Crooke , Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. "Intel SSDs are widely deployed in the data center due to their performance, reliability and value. Our latest SSD product family offers more than 30 times the write endurance of our current MLC SSDs, plus improved performance and new features, such as power-loss data protection and surplus arrays of NAND for enhanced reliability."

According to Intel, the new 710 Series delivers the same endurance as SLC-based NAND SSDs, but with higher capacities and cost savings as a result of using MLC NAND. The chip maker claims 710 SSDs can handle up to 1.1 petabytes of drive writes, which makes them appropriate for I/O-starved applications. Other features include enhanced power-loss data protection, AES 128-bit encryption, write amplification reduction algorithms, system-level error management, and other enterprise friendly features.

The Intel SSD 710 Series is available in 100GB ($649), 200GB ($1,289), and 300GB ($1,929) capacities.

Image Credit: Intel

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