Intel Treats PAX Attendees to SSD Overclocking Demonstration

Paul Lilly

Sneak peek at how to supercharge an SSD

Intel recently posted a public agenda revealing that it plans to demonstrate SSD overclocking technology at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) next month, but a bunch of lucky PAX attendees got to see how it works ahead of schedule. They also got to leave their feedback at the conclusion of the demo in a survey that asked some interesting questions about what they'd be willing to sacrifice in exchange for an overclockable SSD.

According to Legit Reviews , which was on hand at PAX to witness the demo, Intel is thinking about releasing a K-Series SKU for its SSDs. Similar to how Intel's K-Series CPUs have unlocked multipliers for easier overcocking, K-Series SSDs would have unlocked parameters that would allow users to goose the controller clockspeed and speed of the NAND flash memory chips.

To demonstrate the technology, Intel used an S3500 Series 480GB SSD with a 400MHz controller and NAND chips running at 83MHz. At those speeds, the drive registered sequential read and write performance of 474.27MB/s and 400.82MB/s, respectively. After overclocking the controller to 625MHz and NAND chips to 100MHz, read and write performance jumped to 493.38MB/s and 431.32MB/s.

The performance gains are interesting, but at what costs? A survey at the end of the demonstration hints that longevity of the drive may be adversely affected by overclocking.

What is your opinion on SSD overclocking? Are SSDs fast enough already, or would you be willing to sacrifice drive longevity for overclocking performance?

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