Intel to Spend $177 Million Expanding Guadalajara Design Center

Paul Lilly

Over the next 3 years, Intel will pump some 2,300 million pesos (US$177 million) into GDC expansion efforts, Intel CEO Paul Otellini announced. Intel's Guadalajara Design Center (GDC) is the chip maker's largest site in Mexico and is the location where all its technology development activities in Mexico are based.

"As a global computing leader, we believe that investing in the future of discovery is an essential business decision," Otellini said . "Our team in Mexico will continue to help us do this. This new investment today extends our long-term commitment to Mexico. The highly technical work being done at our research center here has been extraordinary, and today we are taking it to a new level."

As part of the expansion effort, Intel will construct a new building for technical labs, office space, a technology museum for children, and an IT lab to support small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). All told, Intel's efforts will create about 150 additional technical jobs, bringing the total number of GDC engineers to 550, Intel said.

Image Credit: Intel

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