Intel to Slash Price of Core i7 950 Chip

Paul Lilly

We're not real big on playing the waiting game when it comes to building, buying, or upgrading a PC, though every once awhile, we can be swayed. This might be one of those times.

According to Chinese website HKEPC, Intel is planning a handful of price cuts this summer, the most compelling of which is headed towards the Core i7 950. Come August 29, Intel will slash the Core i7 950 from $562 all the way down to $294, effectively replacing the Core i7 930, HKEPC says.

For the entry-level crowd, HKEPC reports Intel will cut the price of its Pentium E5500 chip from $75 to $64 in mid-July, while the Celeron E3400 will drop from $53 to $42 in mid-October. Intel is also planning to release several new processors, including the Core i3 560 (3.33GHz, $138, Aug 29), Pentium E6800 (3.33GHz, $86, Aug. 29), and a couple of others.

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