Intel to Ship 8-Core Server Processors Later this Fall

Paul Lilly

Intel this week said its Nehalem-EX processor, an 8-core beast of a chip, will go into production sometime later this year and start shipping in server systems by early 2010. Even better, each chip supports 16 threads, says Boy Davis, Intel's GM of the Server Platforms Marketing Group.

Already on-board is IBM, who is already developing a server based around Nehalem-EX. The server will hold eight processors, making use of 64 Nehalem-EX cores capable of handling 128 threads.

"We're very excited today to be the first to demonstrate Nehalem-EX," said Alex Yost , VP IBM BladeCenter.

In addition to more cores and threads, Nehalem-EX also ups the memory ante, doubling the capacity with up to 16 memory slots per processor socket.

Image Credit: Intel

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