Intel to Release Faster Mobile Celeron Chip in Fourth Quarter

Paul Lilly

We already know about the new Arrandale-based Celeron P4500, a 1.86GHz dual-core part with 2MB of cache and aimed at the value sector. According to Fudzilla, there's at least one more mobile Celeron chip on tap for 2010 , the faster clocked P4600.

The P4600, also a dual-core part, will come clocked at 2.0GHz. It won't support Intel's Turbo Boost technology, nor will it feature four threads like some higher-end Arrandales, but it will come with integrated graphics clocked at 500MHz. If necessary, the graphics portion can be goosed to 667MHz, Fudzilla says.

Essentially just a faster clocked P4500, the P4600 will also support DDR3-800/1066 memory and sport 2MB of L2 cache. And like its predecessor, the P4600 will come rated at 35W TDP

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