Intel to Release a Second Unlocked Socket 1156 Chip

Paul Lilly

Overclockers who decided to save a little jingle by opting for Intel's socket 1156 platform rather than jump on a pricier X58 foundation (socket 1366) are being rewarded with a second unlocked chip to play around with.

We found out earlier this week that Intel plans on releasing a Core i7 875K part , which is essentially the same as the existing Core i7 870, but with an unlocked multiplier. Now we've learned that there will be another, less expensive unlocked chip, the Core i5 655K.

This CPU will be identical to the Core i5 650 part, except that it comes with an unlocked multiplier. For those of you new to the overclocking scene, an unlocked processor allows the end-user can jack up the multiplier above its stock setting, which in some cases can lead to easier overclocking without stressing any other subsystems.

Like the Core i7 875K, the Core i5 650K is expected to surface in early June.

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