Intel to Release a Much Cheaper Atom Chip

Paul Lilly

Everything is 'tablet this' and 'tablet that' these days; where's the love for netbooks? Still there, apparently, and if you're a fan of netbooks, future models could potentially be cheaper than ever before. The secret sauce to less expensive netbooks lies in less expensive mobile processors, and we're not talking about a $5 or $10 savings, either.

According to news and rumor site Fudzilla , Intel is readying a new Atom processor codenamed Cedarview-M. Before we get to that, let's look at the current landscape. Today's dual-core Atom processors consists of the N570 (1.66GHz, 1MB cache) and N550 (1.50GHz, 1MB cache), both of which cost $86.

Cedarview-M, on the other hand, will come in two SKUs, both of which will be dual-core chips. Clockspeeds aren't yet known, but if Fudzilla's info is accurate, the faster clocked version will sport a 6.5W TDP and need a fan, while the slower clocked version will come rated at 3.5W TDP and not need a fan.

The best part about is the price. Intel is pricing the faster clocked chip at $47 and the slower clocked model at $42, both of which are about half the price of today's Atom players. In fact, they're even cheaper than the single-core N450, which sells at around $64 in 1,000 tray quantities.

Sounds groovy, but Fudzilla points out the new price points are still nearly 2x more than Apple's A5 processor and between 2x-2.5x more expensive than Nvidia's Tegra 2.

Image Credit: Intel

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