Intel to Launch Massive Ad Campaign for Ultrabooks

Pulkit Chandna

Intel may have trademarked the name “ultrabook” — its neologism for Wintel-based ultra-thin and -light laptops, but there is someone whose approval matters even more than that of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We are talking about you, the consumer, of course. For its part, the chip maker is doing almost everything to make 2012 the year of the ultrabook.

While Intel’s definition of “almost everything” does not include offering processors at subsidized prices to ultrabook manufacturers, the company isn’t simply dictating terms to obedient PC vendors either. Perhaps the strongest evidence of its commitment to the category happens to be the $300 million Ultrabook Fund it has set up to aid the development of “technologies that will help deliver new and enhanced user experiences, longer battery life and slim component and platform technologies.”

Now it’s about to open its coffers even further in a bid to endear these thin-and-light laptops to consumers. Kevin Sellers, the man in charge of advertising at Intel, has revealed that the company will be launching a massive ad campaign in April to promote ultrabooks. As per Sellers, it will be Intel’s largest promotional effort since the massive ad campaign at the time of Centrino’s launch around eight years ago. However, he did not reveal any numbers.

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