Intel to Launch Core i3 2105 on May 22

Paul Lilly

We can't help but look forward to Intel's enthusiast-level Sandy Bridge-E processors that have been spotted on leaked roadmaps, but in the meantime, the chip maker isn't finished pumping out regular Sandy Bridge silicon. In less than a month, Intel plans to launch another Core i3 processor, the Core i3 2015, claims news and rumor site Fudzilla.

This dual-core chip will come clocked at 3.1GHz with no Turbo Boost on tap. It will also feature 3MB of cache. In terms of where it fits in Intel's product lineup, the Core i3 2015 jumps out slightly ahead of the existing Core i3 2100, which sports the same CPU clockspeed but a slower GPU clockspeed. The new part will feature Intel HD 3000 graphics, compared to Intel HD 2000 graphics on the 2100.

According to Fudzilla, the new chip will sell for $134, and not the laughably high price of nearly $1,900 that U.K. vendor Insight currently has it listed for .

Image Credit: Intel

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