Intel to Invade Cable TV Space in 2013

Paul Lilly

Your next cable TV provider might be Intel.

Apparently the mobile market isn't the only non-desktop/server space Intel is interested in encroaching; the world's largest semiconductor player also wants to dip its toes into the cable TV sector, as has been previously rumored . Word on the web is that Intel has grown frustrated with smart TV manufacturers who have bungled the whole Google TV initiative, so it's taking matters into its own hands and plans to launch its own hardware.

An un-named source "directly familiar with Intel's plans and content dealings" told TechCrunch that Intel is planning to create a set-top box and subscription TV service. Intel's target audience includes TV viewers who are interested in streaming TV access, but don't want to cut the cord completely and lose certain content, particular sports programming.

The Santa Clara chip maker will launch its service on a city-by-city basis, which would allow the company time to negotiate with media content providers by offering them test markets to experiment with. Other details are fairly light at the moment, but more could be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month when Intel is said to be unveiling the first version of its set-top box.

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