Intel to Drop Sandy Bridge CPU Prices

Paul Lilly

They may not manifest in time for Christmas, but price drops for Intel's Sandy Bridge processors are reportedly on the horizon. Word on the Web is that Intel has already given its hardware partners a heads up on plans to reduce Sandy Bridge CPU prices, and that some Core i3 and i5 processor price cuts will run as deep as 10-15 percent.

DigiTimes claims Intel is hoping the price reduction will spur market demand between now and the time Ivy Bridge comes out, which is set to debut in April 2012. It's unclear whether standalone processors will see a discount, but it's at least looking like there will be lower priced notebooks as a result.

First generation Ultrabook models sporting Core i5 processors are also expected to drop in price and settle in at around $800 to $900 starting in January 2012. The idea is to clear existing inventory in preparation for newer, faster Ultrabooks.

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