Intel to Axe Handful of Year Old Processors

Paul Lilly

A lot can happen in the span of one year in the technology world. If we were to rewind the clock 12 months, we'd still be looking ahead to AMD's recently launched Llano desktop APUs, LulzSec would't be on anyone's radar, News Corp. would still own MySpace, and you'd still be able to play real-money poker on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. That's how quickly the technology world spins, so it's not all that surprising to see Intel retire four processors that are only a year old.

According to news and rumor site Fudzilla, the following chips are on the chopping block:

  • Core i7 970 (desktop)
  • Core i7 660UM (laptop)
  • Core i5 540UM (laptop)
  • Celeron U3400 (laptop)

At $580 (via Newegg), the Core i7 970 isn't exactly a bargain chip and is just $20 cheaper than the Core i7 980, though Newegg is currently offering a free HP DVD burner with the 970. Regardless, news and rumor site Fudzilla says you'll be able to order it while supplies last.

As for the three laptop chips, Fudzilla says they can only be ordered until January 27, 2012, at which time they'll be retired.

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