Intel Throws $30 Million into Cloud and Embedded Computing

Paul Lilly

Back in early 2009, we ran a piece in the QuickStart section of Maximum PC magazine on what effect the recession was having on the tech sector and what it might mean for company roadmaps. For that piece, an Intel spokesperson told us during a phone interview the chip giant has been through tough economic times before and the company understands "you can't save your way out of a recession; you spend your way out." It's over two years later now, times are still tough, and Intel is still spending money.

Announced on Wednesday , Intel Labs said it's investing $30 million on two new Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTC) located at Carnegie Mellon University. These new centers will focus on cloud and embedded computing research, and are part of a five-year plan to spend $100 million on university research and accelerating innovation.

"These new ISTCs are expected to open amazing possibilities," said Justin Rattner, Intel Chief Technology Officer. "Imagine, for example, future cars equipped with embedded sensors and microprocessors to constantly collect and analyze traffic and weather data. That information could be shared and analyzed in the cloud so that drivers could be provided with suggestions for quicker and safer routes."

Intel also said it's expanding its ISTC program and is openly inviting researchers living in the U.S. to submit proposals (in the form of two-page abstracts outlining a research topic and scope) for new centers. Based on the proposals it receives, Intel will award at least one additional center in 2011 and launch it in 2012.

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