Intel Starts Shipping Haswell Chips, Minor USB Bug Affects Chipset

Paul Lilly

Haswell is one step closer to its retail launch.

Intel has reportedly begun shipping its next generation Haswell parts to PC builders in preparation for a launch later this quarter. Right now you can file that tidbit under "R" for "Rumor," though the Santa Clara chip maker is expected to announce its fourth generation Core processor line at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing next week. That's the good news. And the bad?

Well, there's a bug. Don't freak out though, it's nothing major. According to CNET , Intel identified a minor errata in its Haswell chipset that could affect a small number of removable USB 3.0 devices only.

"4th gen Core is on track for a mid-year launch. Intel issued a PCN documenting a chipset USB errata and stating that chipsets with the errata will be in production during the initial ramp," Intel said in a statement, according to CNET . "But Intel has confirmed that there is no chance of data loss or corruption. This issue has only been observed with a small subset of USB SuperSpeed thumb drives and does not affect other USB peripherals. We take all customer issues seriously and should any customer have a question or concern they can always contact Intel customer support."

The chipset bug causes affected USB devices to disappear after entering standby. Once they're unplugged and plugged back in, they're recognized again and work as intended.

Annoying? In some cases, sure, but thank your lucky stars it's not on the level of the Sandy Bridge 6-Series chipset bug that prompted a mass recall and subsequent delay.

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