Intel Shows Off A Windows 7 Computer With A Thunderbolt Port

Brad Chacos

In case you haven’t noticed, Gordon’s been updating the Maximum PC Twitter feed with timely bursts of insight from the ongoing Intel Developer Forum. If you didn’t notice, shame on you! You’ve been missing out on all kinds of info, like the fact that Intel dsiplayed nifty things like an Ultrabook running Windows 8, Ivy Bridge tidbits and next-gen Haswell and Atom news. Something else you missed: the announcement that next year, the super-speedy Thunderbolt connection is coming to the PC.

Thunderbolt ports are capable of 10Gbps transfer speeds over two channels; in contrast, the new USB 3.0 standard only pushes 5Gbps. Up until now, Thunderbolt ports have only been available on Apple computers because the boys and girls in Cupertino co-developed the standard alongside Intel.

At IDF, Mooly Eden, the VP of the PC Client Group, showed off a Haswell-based Windows 7-running laptop that was sporting the taboo-until-now Thunderbolt port. Not to beat a dead horse, but if you were paying attention the Maximum PC Twitter feed you’d already know that Acer and Asus are set to deliver systems with the new interface beginning in 2012. No exact dates were disclosed, though. Intel – what a tease!

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