Intel Set to Deliver 3GHz Mobile Penryn CPUs

Paul Lilly

Netbooks have become so wildly popular that we could hardly blame Intel if it decided to focus solely on its Atom processors. Rest assured that's not the case. According to UK news and rumor site Channel Register , Intel will soon release mobile Penryn-based processors clocked at 3GHz and higher.

The faster processors will be part of Intel's Montevina Plus platform, which will focus more heavily on HD capabilities. Quoting Intel''s mobile marketing director Karen Regis, Channel Register reports the rollout also means Intel will expand its ultra low voltage (ULV) technology into mainstream markets. These include systems just above the netbook sector typically running between $600 and $1,000, Regis said.

Look for Montevina Plus to show up in the second quarter of this year.

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