Intel Scoops Up Egyptian Software Company

Paul Lilly

Intel continues to make strategic acquisitions intended to bolster the company's mobile business. Adding to its growing portfolio of recent acquisitions, the world's largest chip maker went out and bought most of the assets of SySDSoft, a privately held software company based in Cairo. Intel also hired around 100 of the SySDSoft's electrical engineers and computer scientists.

"The acquisition of engineering and design talent from an Egypt-based company in the field of cutting-edge wireless and communication technology is the first of its kind for Intel in the Middle East," said Arvind Sodhani , president, Intel Capital and executive vice president, Intel. "The acquisition shows Intel’s continued long-term strategic commitment to the region and its appreciation of its young, growing talent pool."

Intel appears increasingly interested in being involved with wireless communications. Intel just recently finalized its acquisition of McAfee for $7.7 billion and hinted that it's working on mobile security, and back in January of this year, Intel purchased Infineon's wireless solutions business.

The chip maker says it will use SySDSoft's solutions to enhance its existing multi-communications portfolio and to accelerate its 4G LTE efforts.

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