Intel: Sandy Bridge is the Shiznit, Everyone Wants It

Paul Lilly

During Intel's earnings conference call on Tuesday, company CEO Paul Otellini said demand for Sandy Bridge is already red hot, even though the platform has yet to be released.

"Due to the very strong reception of Sandy Bridge, we have accelerated our 32nm factory ramp and have raised our capex (capital expenditure) guidance to enable us to meet the anticipated demand," Otellini said . "I am more excited about Sandy Bridge than I have been about any product that the company has launched in a number of years."

Sandy Bridge, which is expected to ship later this year, is Intel's successor to Nehalem. It will come with an integrated graphics core along with a "significant improvement in instructions per clock," according to statements made by Intel executive vice president David Perlmutter back in April.

Intel has been shipping samples of Sandy Bridge to customers for the past several months

Image Credit: Intel

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