Intel Sandy Bridge-E Details Trickle Out

Paul Lilly

We'd like to tell you we donned our ninja suits, infiltrated Intel's facilities, and made off with a bunch of secrets all without getting caught, but none of that actually happened. Lucky for us, we didn't have to take things that far, because a Turkish website -- the same one that reported AMD's delayed Bulldozer launch -- is serving up details on a trio of upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors.

First up is the Core i7 3960X. This will be a six-core chip clocked at 3.3GHz, and up to 3.9GHz via Turbo. This thing will pack a monstrous 15MB of cache, and expect an unlocked multiplier as it's an Extreme Edition part.

Sitting one rung lower is the Core i7 3930, also of the Extreme Edition variety. This is another six-core processor, but clocked slightly slower at 3.2GHz (Turbo 3.8GHz) and will a little less cache at 12MB. Both this and the 3960X have TDPs rated at 130W.

Finally there's the Core i7 3820, a regular quad-core processor with a locked multiplier and clocked at 3.6GHz (Turbo 3.9GHz). It will come with 10MB of cache and a 130W TDP.

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