Intel Rumored to Release Refreshed Haswell Processors in April

Paul Lilly

New Haswell processors may arrive a month ahead of schedule

It seems like we hear something new everyday by hanging around the CPU rumor mill. Once again, Intel is at the center of speculation, though instead of talking about delays, rumor has it the Santa Clara chip maker is planning to launch its refreshed Haswell line a month early. That means new Haswell processors could appear just a few weeks from now, in April, rather than May as originally planned.

News and rumor site Digitimes says it was made aware of Intel's change of plans by do-it-yourself motherboard makers in Taiwan. If this turns out to be true, it would add a bit of credence to an earlier Digitimes report claiming Intel is delaying Broadwell until the fourth quarter so that Haswell has more time to sell.

While that may be the case, some vendors are worried that refreshed Haswell processors will make it more difficult to clear out their existing Haswell inventories. It could get even more difficult in May when motherboard makers release mobos built around Intel's 9-series chipset, however the new chipset will support existing Haswell CPUs.

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